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two birds sitting on top of a solar panel with bird poop on it

Why Do Birds Love Solar Panels?

September 16, 2019

The main problem with solar panels is that the panels offer a practical benefit to birds. Birds like elevated places in general, because it offers a higher vantage point for spotting food and predators. When solar panels are added to homes, there’s even more shelter available, allowing birds to hide under the panels at night, and use the cover for nesting.

As bird numbers increase, droppings and noise also increase. In addition, if the problem is left unattended, the buildup of dirt can draw other creatures leading to lice, rodents and other pests. This is why it’s important to tackle this problem head on.

The first step is to act quickly and consistently. Droppings are potentially corrosive to roofing and even the panels themselves. Droppings can build up causing blockages in gutters, which can create serious issues during heavy rainfall. Maintain the cleanliness of your roof as well as the panels.

Long-term options

There are longer-term options for homeowners. The first is mesh proofing, which provides a cover for the panels that keeps birds at bay. Another option might be integrated solar panelling, with the panels embedded in the roof itself. Like anything, these options have cost and aesthetic implications.

The important thing to remember with bird removal is that you need to act quickly, whatever long-term approach you choose. This way you get to enjoy the benefits of solar panelling, without having to worry about the complications of avian visitors.

If youre wondering how to stop pigeons under solar panels, or any other birds nesting there, get in touch about our services!