Solar Panel Bird Control

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Solar panels can be a great way of obtaining sustainable energy to power your home or business.

However, with a large number of residential and commercial properties fitted with solar panels, that means a large number of sheltered and dry places for pigeons and other birds to call their home.

With solar panels making an ideal nesting and roosting location for birds, causing all sorts of problems, it’s important to find a way to protect your solar panels, without harming birds, and that won’t break the bank.

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Solar Panel Bird Mesh Installation

Our solar panel protection services deny access to the gap between the roof and the underside of your solar panel. Which means no more warm, dry and undisturbed locations for unwanted bird pests. Solar panels are quite delicate items, which means removing bird mess, or getting rid of the birds which are causing the problems, can be a challenge. With years of experience working throughout Sydney, we know what it takes to protect your solar panels and keep your property fully powered. Don’t waste your weekend trying to clear birds. Make the cost-effective choice and let us take care of it instead. Dealing with birds in your home or business? Find out about our residential and commercial bird control today. For free advice call our Bird Hotline

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Protect your solar panels in 4 simple steps
  • Ensure your garden or outdoor area is free from food waste and scraps. By leaving a food source you will be creating a reason for pigeons and other birds to nest.
  • Store rubbish bags in covered bins with secure lids to prevent pigeons and other birds from gaining access.
  • Don’t allow twigs or debris to build up outside or on your roof. These materials are ideal for pigeons and other birds to use in nest building.
  • Be proactive by installing bird prevention devices early. If left unchecked, bird debris and droppings can damage or destroy your solar panels, costing you big in the long run.

If you have solar panels fitted to your property and notice the signs of unwanted birds having taken up residence, we can help. As experienced nest removers, bird proofing experts and bird removal specialists, we are ideally placed to take care of the matter for you.

  • We know that when it comes to finding the best commercial bird control company for your solar panels, it’s vital to select one that has sufficient expertise to do the job properly, without being over-priced. Our service is affordable, and even better, guarantees results.
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How we bird proof your solar panels

Given the number of problems which birds can cause if they decide to nest or roost under solar panels, it’s important to have some options for keeping them at bay.

One of the challenges of getting rid of birds under solar panels is that there is typically limited space to install spikes or wires to keep them out.

That said, some panels do allow for the installation of spikes in order to create bird barriers for solar panels.

Although the majority of calls that we receive relate to homes or businesses which are suffering due to bird invasions, it’s possible for other structures to fall victim to the mess and destruction which birds create.

We can complete gutter cleaning and cleaning from within the roof as well as removal of birds and bird nests, giving you a one-stop solution to all your bird control needs.

Our commonly tactics to keep pigeons and other troublesome birds away from solar panels include

Gel may work for some installations, although considerable care is needed during application to ensure optimal performance. When you turn to us for advice on the best option for your panels, we will thoroughly inspect your panels before coming up with suggestions that will work for you.

Solar panel mesh

One of the most popular options, solar panel mesh is ideally installed at the same time as the solar panels, although they can be installed later. This technique consists of a wire mesh which fits snugly around your panels, making it impossible for birds to enter the gap between the panel and the roof space. Cost-effective and protecting you from expensive damage, once in place this solution requires little maintenance and works well to stop birds nesting under solar panels.

Solar run ultrasonic deterrent

The sonar deterrent emits an unpleasant noise which deters the birds from landing to roost or nest. Inaudible to humans, this device runs on solar power and once installed, can work for a considerable time without further maintenance being required.

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