Nest Removal and Relocation

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A birds nest on your roof or inside your property may look rustic, but it can bring a long list of problems that can quickly cause a headache.

Depending on the type of nest and its location, possible problems include:

  • Blocking drain pipes
  • Blocked guttering
  • Flooding
  • Damaged power lines, phone lines and other utilities
  • Fire risks
  • Chimney blockages
  • Defacing or damaging window sills
  • Obstructing the entry of light into a building.

There are also a number of hazards associated with bird droppings, from health hazards to slipping hazards, damaged masonry and a generally untidy and unpleasant aesthetic.

Put simply, that birds nest in your home or office has got to go. If you are suffering unwanted issues due to the presence of a bird’s nest, our professional team can help.

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Why should I move a bird’s nest from my property?

Protect your property from damage

Depending on the species, many birds can return to the same place, using the same nest, year after year. Bird droppings are acidic which causes it to react with many of the materials it comes into contact with, particularly stone or brickwork. So if you’ve got nests on your property, you can look forward to years of annual damage without a little helping hand.

Protect your home from safety hazards

Over time your property can be eaten away by the corrosive effect of bird droppings. Droppings can also cause a dangerous slipping hazard, particularly in the area beneath the nest. While it may not seem like much, even a small amount on a fire escape, path or steps can be enough to cause an unwanted accident.

Protect your business from liability

Not only is a safe environment in everybody’s best interest, but businesses in particular could potentially face a costly damages lawsuit if a worker or member of the public sustains an injury due to a fall caused by a build-up of birds’ droppings. Not to mention that no one wants to visit a business that looks tired and worn out by years of bird waste and debris.

Protect your health

Bird droppings and debris can cause a range of nasty health issues, with feathers, twigs and droppings doing more than creating an unsightly and potentially hazardous mess. With the potential of birds to carry unpleasant parasites, the health risks caused by contact with droppings is a major reason to pick up the phone and call the professionals.

If in doubt, call us out. Our professional nest removing team is able to identify the bird specie which has turned your property into their home and provide affordable options to help with permanent removal.

Our bird nest removal and relocation solutions

We offer a range of nest removal solutions which are customised to meet your specific needs. The most suitable method of solving your bird’s nest problems depends on several factors.

These include:

  • The type of bird which is causing the problems (feral or pest bird nests may be more easily removed than those of most native Australian birds)
  • The type of problem (in some cases it is the birds, rather than the nest, which need to be dealt with)
  • Whether the nest contains young chicks
  • The time of year (with the roosting patterns of birds impacting removal)
  • Whether removing the nest alone is going to be sufficient to provide a permanent resolution.

Our team offer both resolution and prevention services. In addition to removing a nest if appropriate, we can also provide help and advice with respect to options such as spikes, wire, netting and coils.

We are committed to protecting native Australian birds and wildlife wherever possible. Not only do we have a number of ethical solutions for nest removal which enable successful relocation while protecting birds and their young, we are also able to eliminate feral, non-indigenous birds which cause problems to humans and upset our indigenous ecosystem.

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