Bird ProofingHow To Stop Pigeons Coming On Your Balcony?

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Birds are beautiful creatures, forming a big part of the natural environment. However, these attractive birds, particularly pigeons, can be annoying. Pigeons are enormously practical birds, as they have learned to deal with human development and get used to urban zones. In every part of this world, people want to know how to stop pigeons coming on the balcony to avoid the nuisance and mess created by them.

Generally, pigeons breed and settle in groups and create a large volume of feces. Their droppings are very runny and have high acidity. The acidity in their stool can even degrade concrete, stone, and other construction materials over a long time at your home. As a result, pigeon waste can cause chaos on your car, furniture, windows, walls, rails, and sidewalks. In addition to this, pigeons can also cause a variety of diseases, and hence, you need to get rid of them.

How can you scare pigeons to keep them away?

  •         Pigeons do not like aluminium foils, windchimes, shiny rubber snakes, or coloured balloons. There are also some bird-repellent gels that help to keep pigeons away but must be regularly refilled.
  •         You can also use pigeon nets for balconies, but a big part of netting sags provides a way: pigeons can peck holes in them.
  •         Many people tie new-fangled coiled toys on their balcony rails to prevent pigeons from discovering a comfortable spot.

How to keep pigeons off your balcony?

Dealing with these pest birds can be a tricky and tiresome task. The following are some methods to control pigeons at your home:

Physical Control

Controlling pigeons for a long time is difficult because these birds are now used to stress, and they have a lot of food sources. The most excellent way to prevent them or take out them is to make a change in their environment:

  • Eliminate roosting places and seal any gaps, large openings, and entrances in elevated areas to depress pigeons.
  • Cover up water sources that are available nearby.
  • Do not leave eatables out where pigeons can find them.
  • Keep your dustbins close and dispose of garbage daily.

Bird Scaring Devices

You can also use Bird scaring devices to keep birds off from your balcony. Loud sounds, flashing lights, windmills, and other birds distressing recordings can scare pigeons. It may not be as helpful in urban settings as they are used to noises.

Pest Control Products

If you are thinking of using pesticides to tackle your pigeon problem, make sure to read the label to make the right choice of product for the right pest. Follow all label instructions and warnings cautiously.

While these pesticides may be useful in keeping birds away, the continuous use of the applications cannot be possible as rains may wash away the toxins. Thus constant reapplication may be required.

Insulation wires

Slinky or insulation wires can also be used on your railing to prevent pigeons from perching there. You can just spread the wire, so every loop is about 1.5 inches away. Then, you can apply duct tape to join it to the railing 2-3 inches apart. It is a proven and simple tactic because pigeons feel very uncomfortable sitting on these wires. You can take the help of a professional to assist in installing these wires correctly.

Bird spikes

Another method to prevent pigeons from coming into your balcony is the use of bird spikes. These spikes prevent pigeons from landing on ledges. On these spikes, thin stainless steel rods project from a UV-resistant polycarbonate base that frightens not only pigeons but also crows, seagulls, and other big birds from landing on your balcony. Bird spikes are relatively flexible and helpful in bird control, and also, the rods are blunt-tipped, so they will not harm the birds or maintenance workers.

Bird netting

If you completely cover your balcony or ledge with a net, it can be a very efficient way to keep pigeons away from nesting or roosting in that spot. Though, bird netting is the best set and maintained on a regular basis by a professional.

Visual Restraints

One more technique to alert pigeons in a balcony is a repeated human presence. It is generally observed that pigeons most likely make nests when there is no one to use that balcony, usually when occupants stay out of town or travel frequently.

The use of these visual appearances to avoid pigeons coming in your balcony can prove to be pretty effective. Adding some strips of shiny aluminium foils blowing in the wind and old CDs tied with strings hanging from the ceiling, and colourful spinning pinwheels are a few easy and cheap options. It is even more helpful if the visual deterrents are present, moved, or changed often.

How to clean the mess created by pigeons?

You cannot just wash off lethal, heavy pigeon waste. A lot of bacteria, viruses, and fungi are present in pigeon droppings. Before you start cleaning, wear a mask and gloves to eliminate debris, and take out the pigeon-bird nests. After that, scrub the area with a strong anti-bacterial cleaner or chlorine bleach with extreme care. Then, clean off the dust finally.

Need help in pigeon control in Sydney?

If you have a pigeon problem in Sydney, No More Birds can help you. Our bird control professionals employ various methods to keep large birds away. Our team follows up with you to make certain those pigeons don’t come back. Still, looking for a way how to stop pigeons coming on the balcony? Obviously, no one wants uninvited guests. So call us today and let us help you get rid of them.


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