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garden netting to prevent bird pests

How to Protect Your Garden Against Bird Pests

July 16, 2019

Many people enjoy time spent in the garden. Associated with good health, gardens offer therapeutic potential, and the opportunity to grow your own produce. Unfortunately, birds need to eat, and your vegetable crop can prove to be a tempting meal option, so how best to keep flying visitors at bay with effective bird control?

Birds are something of a double-edged sword when it comes to gardens. While posing a problem for growing new plants, they also help with other potential pests (think slugs and snails).

Practical measures

There are lots of practical measures available for effective bird control for your garden.

The first and most common is some form of netting. Netting is highly effective at protecting garden plants, not just from birds but other natural issues as well. Consider investing in high-quality UV resistant netting for long-term benefits. Also consider other creatures in the garden. Some netting can trap larger animals and they might need help getting free.

Chicken wire on the ground is an effective measure for newly-seeded plants, since it prevents birds from mixing up the soil. As the plants begin to break through the wire can be raised on stakes.

Scarecrows are time-tested approaches to keeping birds away. It’s important to remember though that birds will start to notice if the scarecrow doesn’t move much. Sooner or later they’ll work out the scarecrow isn’t that scary. Change the position of the scarecrow regularly, and alter the clothing or decoration. If you want to get the kids into gardening, this might be a fun exercise.

There are lots of other options out there for keeping the garden protected. Consider your personal circumstances and ask retailers about options for bird proofing.