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Disheveled Wet pigeon in a rainy day on the railing of the balcony block of flats. View from the window

How to Get Rid of Birds from the Balcony

May 16, 2019

Balconies offer attractive opportunities for outdoor relaxing and, if in the right spot, a delightful view. Unfortunately, some feathered friends also like balconies due to their elevated location and the nesting places on offer. As bird droppings increase, they can become a potential health hazard and even cause damage to the balcony itself. Here are some simple measures for bird control in this important leisure spot.

Less enticing for birds

Keep the balcony less enticing to birds by making sure it’s clear of food and water. Depending on the balcony design, it’s worth checking that food hasn’t fallen in-between cracks or gaps.

Some people swear by fake owls and snakes. While they might be off putting to birds, it’s important to move these objects regularly. Birds will notice a snake that hasn’t moved for days or weeks, and simply assume it is dead.

Old CDs might be another solution. Just a few of them hanging around can be off-putting to birds, and there are other hanging items that might work too. If the noise isn’t found to be a problem, invest in a wind chime (metal works better). With any hanging item it’s movement that’s key. Birds dislike sudden, unexpected movement, and whatever you choose to use should be noticeable and movable.

There are gels available which help deter birds (pigeons being a noticeable example). Depending on how you’re using the balcony this might be an option for you.

Finding a balance

There’s always a balance between practicality and aesthetics; if the balcony is a central feature of your home you might not necessarily want CDs as your decoration. The key thing is motion – moving objects work very effectively with birds. With a little looking around you might find something that’s perfect for keeping birds at bay and pleasing to the eye at the same time.