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birds flying away from a home from electronic bird repeller

Do Electronic Bird Repellers Really Work?

August 16, 2019

Technology for bird control has come a long way thankfully. Nowadays, methods extend beyond banging the wooden spoon on the frying pan approach. However, as enticing as the idea is to use technology to help with bird control, just how effective are electronic bird repellers?

The first thing to consider are the types of electronic measures available. There are two broad categories; audible and physical.

Audible measures

Audible includes noises through speaker systems and ultrasonic devices.

Speaker systems are designed to play noises of predators and other sounds that scare birds. These can be effective in some circumstances, but there are challenges as well. Not all sounds have the same effect on all birds, so what works for one type might not work for others. In addition, there may be implications for environmental protection regulations. This might be particularly complicated for larger sections of land. Check the regulations in your state or territory carefully.

Ultrasonic devices are designed to emit sounds beyond the human hearing range. They are used for a variety of pests and vermin. It’s important to note that birds have a hearing range very similar to humans, so if we can’t hear a sound the chances are the birds can’t either. For that reason, check the suitability of any ultrasonic device before purchase.

Physical measures

Physical measures primarily include electric fencing. Similar in principle to cattle fencing, electrified wiring or mesh induces a non-harmful electric shock to keep birds away.

As with anything, technological solutions offer pros and cons depending on the particular device, the birds, and personal circumstances. Research each item carefully before purchasing and consider what meets your needs best. In the meantime, keep the wooden spoon and frying pan handy.