Commercial Bird Control

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Commercial bird control is a vital aspect of building maintenance.

Left to nest and breed, birds can cause the following problems:

  • Create a significant amount of mess
  • Create noise and structural damage,
  • Spread disease through their droppings and waste
  • Increase the risk of slipping accidents
  • Damage goods and ruin stock
  • Impact the health of your workers and the general public

For these reasons bird control in warehouses and industrial spaces, bird proofing for offices, bird removal from roof and prevention and removal strategies for other working buildings is always a priority.

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Bird Removal Service

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We also offer bird control for commercial locations, such as bird control in vineyards, landfill sites and bird removal and proofing for airports. While bird proofing for schools, child care centres, residential homes, care homes, nursing homes and hospitals is equally important to protect the most vulnerable in our society.

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For a start, we are an owner-operated business. More than that, we are proudly Australian owned and operated, serving our neighbours in and around Sydney, as well as the wider community.

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We give our customers the service and results they need. Much of our work is obtained through word-of-mouth, so doing everything we can for our customers, as well as making sure our prices are competitive, is vital for our continued success.

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You will be speaking with the contractor who completes your bird proofing work. This means that right from your first phone call, you will be speaking with a bird proofing expert who can give you top-quality advice and recommendations based on years of experience.

We have unmatched experience

Looking for the most experienced bird proofing and removal team? We’ve worked across hundreds of properties in the Sydney area and have an excellent understanding of what’s needed to keep birds away. We love a challenge.

Are pigeons feeling at home in your business?

If you live in Sydney, you’ve dealt with pigeons. Pigeons live in homes and business, nesting on rooftops, balconies and in places you find hard to reach. More than this, their debris and droppings can cause a huge headache – both in costly repairs and ruining the look of your space. Frustrated by pigeons you can’t remove? Or struggling with another species of bird?

We have the expertise and equipment to help.

Our company uses both active and passive methods to bird proof your premises. Whether you have an existing bird problem that you need resolving, or haven’t got a bird problem and want to prevent one from arising in your business, we have solutions that will work for you.

Economical and long-lasting, our aim is to make sure that every commercial company has access to expert, cost-effective bird control, removal and proofing services. We are skilled in a wide range of nest removal and bird proofing techniques, offering a complete solution when it comes to getting rid of birds. Learn more about the types of birds we remove here.


Our commercial bird control solutions

Our techniques can be used individually, or collectively, to solve the most complex bird problems. We will always conduct a thorough survey of your property before coming up with a bird proofing strategy which will include options suitable for your budget and in line with your goals. The law differentiates between indigenous Australian bird species and non-native pests: this means that there are different options available for bird proofing, depending on the type of bird we’re working with.

The main techniques that we use include:
Bird spikes

These are often a last resort for residential buildings, as they look quite unsightly. That said, when installed along framework, walls, pipes and other items, they are very effective in making it difficult for birds to roost or nest.

Bird wire and coils

Again, these options can be visually unappealing, although they are cost-effective and proven to make your premises an unattractive proposition for birds. They can be a good option for older properties, which have wider ledges or inaccessible flat surfaces. Electrified options are available that can make the system even more effective.

Bird netting

Bird-proof netting is used to prevent birds from stealing soft fruit and vegetables from the garden or from entering through the roof. Easy to set up and highly effective, bird netting is a great option for temporary protection.

Daddi Long Legs

Stainless steel rods which are commonly located on air conditioning units and similar structures, Daddi Long Legs can provide the protection your home needs against roosting birds.


Although it sounds dramatic, the shocks delivered when a bird lands on a forbidden surface aren’t fatal. Rather, they serve as an uncomfortable reminder to go and roost elsewhere.


We offer a full range of proofing options which can ensure your property remains free of roosting or nesting birds.


This is a traditional method of removing troublesome birds. It usually requires that the birds are fed for a couple of weeks to get them used to the idea of visiting the property for food. A powerful immobiliser is then added to the food, enabling the birds to be removed.


An alternative to spikes or wire, gel is colourless and can be painted on to window sills and similar, dissuading pigeons from roosting. Although the gel application process needs to be repeated periodically, it can be a viable option for many homes, due to its discreet nature.

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