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You’ve got rid of the birds in your home or office. Endless noise is now a relaxing quiet.

Unfortunately, that’s only half the job done.

Even after you’ve got rid of unwanted birds, their mess still remains. A litter of twigs from nests, feathers, debris and bird droppings not only looks unsightly, it can also harbour unpleasant diseases and attract mites and vermin.

Prompt clean-up of droppings is essential. With fresh droppings far easier to clean up than dried ones, calling a professional team should be a priority. Waiting to take action makes a total clean up more and more challenging. Dried droppings can crumble when a clean-up is attempted, potentially turning into a bacteria packed powder. And nobody wants that.

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Removing bird droppings is extremely hard work, and not particularly pleasant.

Don’t mess with the mess, our professional clean-up service is the quickest and simplest way to restore your walls, roofs, balconies, paths and other surfaces to pristine condition.

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Oh Sh!t – How to remove bird droppings
    • Small quantities of fresh droppings can typically be cleaned up using water and a suitable disinfectant.
    • Protective clothing should be worn and the area should be cleaned with a bio-disinfectant that’s specifically designed to neutralise the harmful bacteria found in droppings.
    • Scrapers or brooms will be needed to remove the droppings, which can be placed in bin bags or similar.
    • A scrubbing brush or yard brush, along with water, can take care of the remaining mess. We recommend that you dampen the area down before you start using a bio-disinfectant solution.
    • Larger areas can be cleaned in the same way, but full personal protective equipment clothing, including overalls, respiratory equipment, gloves and goggles will need to be worn to protect you during the clean-up process.
    • The site should be evacuated during clean-up due to the risk of inhaling droppings. Smaller amounts of droppings can be disposed of along with other general waste.
Why do I need to remove bird droppings?

The main reason for undertaking bird waste clearance is to minimise the risk of diseases passing to you and your family, employees, or household occupants. Bird droppings can contain a wide selection of unpleasant bacteria.

These include:

  • Newcastle disease
  • Cryptococcosis
  • Psittacosis
  • Aspergillosis
  • Toxoplasmosis
  • Gastroenteritis

In addition, bird nests and debris may harbour mites, which can cause further health concerns if they pass to humans. Although fresh droppings are not overly toxic, older droppings act as a breeding ground for toxic bacteria, providing a fertile breeding ground for unwanted germs that you definitely don’t need in your home or business.

Can’t I just hose away bird droppings?

If droppings are partially washed away due to rain, or the garden hose, it’s possible for the bacteria to end up almost anywhere. What may look clean to the naked eye is actually a breeding ground for nasty bugs.

There are many benefits to cleaning up bird droppings. These include:

  • Improve the attractiveness of your home or business
  • Minimise the damage that droppings cause to paint, stonework, tiles and metal
  • Stop structural damage before it occurs
  • Stop bird droppings from drying out and being inhaled

Both commercial and residential building owners and managers should work proactively to ensure that their property is free from unwanted, dangerous bird droppings.

You’ve got enough on your plate to worry about cleaning up after birds. Let us do the dirty work instead.

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