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Best Kind of Bird Proofing Solutions for Your Home

January 16, 2019

Any home is meant to be the main form of habitation for humans, but is often the case that birds can find all sorts of spots to perch and nest. Posing a significant risk to cleanliness and the condition of your house, birds can cause significant damage to roofing, solar panels, and guttering. Droppings can corrode surfaces, and there’s always the human health factor with risk of disease and infection. Here are some options that will help with bird-proofing your home and managing this problem.

Those nooks and crannies

Keep the house clean and block those troublesome nooks and crannies. Just some simple actions liking removing food scraps, limiting fresh water, and filling cracks and crevices can go a long way to limiting the attraction for birds.

Consider netting or mesh to block larger areas

Persistent bird trouble might require a step-up to get the right equipment. Wire meshing protects buildings from all types of birds, while netting is used effectively for protecting plants.

Some other points to consider:

• There are anti-gel options, which create a sensory repellent for birds.

• Go for the more direct, electric options. Electrified wiring can give birds an added incentive (non-harmful, like a cattle fence) to find somewhere else to perch.

• Use fake predators, such as owl statues, scarecrows or fake snakes to deter birds; just make sure to change their location regularly.

• Birds are easily startled and scared off by sudden, unexpected movement. Investing in some wind chimes (metal is best), twirling garden attractions, or even hanging CDs can be effective deterrents.

Some other features might include gutter guards, bird spikes, and vent covers.

Final thoughts

Much will depend on factors like your building design, budget and aesthetic choices. A balance between simple, consistent measures, with more practical long-term solutions, can help keep a home free from birds.