7 Tips To Keep Birds Out of Your Warehouse

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Birds invading your building is a common problem for everyone. This would particularly be a problem for warehouses with wide-open doors which draw the attention of birds. It happens in homes, churches, schools, and just like you’d expect — warehouses.

But what can you do if you want to prevent birds from forming nests in your warehouse, making noises all the time, and flying around when you come around to work. Well, there are several methods proven to help with warehouse bird control before they nest, and we’ll be listing them out so you can choose which one can help you today.

What Are the Most Effective Ways to Keep Birds Out

Let’s look into some of the actual methods you can use to ensure birds stop nesting in your warehouse. They are of varying degrees of expense, which is something you should consider before making a choice.

  • Bird Control Device

A good bird control device can fend birds off persistently – without birds getting acclimated to it.

One of the bird control devices that are effectively used by warehouses all throughout the world is the AVIX Autonomic, a mechanized laser bird repellent framework. This device projects green laser light that consistently drives birds away as it moves around making no damage to the birds. After continuous encounters with this device, birds will consider the region inhabitable and keep away from it.

  • Sonic Bird Deterrents Scare Birds

Bird-deterring super sonic transmission devices come with pre-recorded distress and predator calls that birds will perceive as dangerous. The calls keep going for two minutes and are rehashed at regular intervals.

The warehouse bird control device comes with an underlying speaker to cover a good section of your warehouse. It is advisable to mount it right outside your warehouse passage or inside, by a window. It is built of UV-protected materials, making it both sun-and climate-safe. Also, it comes with volume control to change the volume to the right level to fend birds off.

  • Bird Nets

As with all nets which are used to shut something out or in, these nets are perfectly created to shut out birds from coming into your warehouse. These nets come in a few cross-section sizes including 2-inch, 11/8-inch, and 3/4-inch —  to keep out pigeons, sparrows, gulls, starlings, and other problematic birds. Created from a UV-protected structure to persevere through brutal climate changes. They are also usually fire safe, not prone to decay, and waterproof. They can easily be purchased from any outlet or company that deals with selling bird control supplies.

  • Vinyl Strip Doors

Keep all entryways shut when they are not being used and for entryways that are utilized as often as possible for the duration of the day, utilizing covering plastic drapery strips. This arrangement will not keep individuals and vehicles from traveling through entryways, however will forestall birds and different bugs from entering. These strips will likewise shut out soil, garbage, downpour, and wind and control wind current.

Vinyl Strip Doors come in standard sizes or custom cuts of various lengths and widths depending on your preference. The vinyl boards accompany all the equipment you need to hang them.

  • Repellent Gel

You can cover those regions where birds regularly perch on with either a sticky substance intended to keep birds off. They will keep away from these spaces since they dislike how the substances feel on their feet. However,  you must always remember to reapply around every six months because these substances will become covered with soil or clean and subsequently be unable to stick. This strategy isn’t suggested much of the time as these gels are quite messy when being applied and can stain your beams.

  • Remove Attracting Sources

Sources that attract the attention of these birds such as stagnant water or food should be removed. This can help prevent other birds from coming as you deter some.

  • Electrical Wires

These are smaller wires that are capable of producing slight shocks to birds. The only issue with this method is the cost over time which is usually exorbitant. Ensure you utilize the tips in this article to know which works for you, and you’ll have your bird problem tackled in no time.


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