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australian seagull standing by the beach in front of an ocean view

4 Types of Common Bird Species in Australia

April 16, 2019

Australia is home to some exotic and distinctive birds with significant cultural importance (think wedge-tailed eagles or kookaburras). Birds play an important part in the eco-system and often deal with smaller creatures like slugs or insects. However, it is also the case that there are many species that can cause serious difficulties for people, whether in metro or country areas.

Common varieties

Here are some of the more common pests you might find in Australia.

Pigeons – common all over the world, pigeons are one of the most widespread and problematic pests. In addition to causing damage, they can also spread disease. More common in urban areas, they are heavily dependent on humans for survival. Pigeons tend to be scavengers, relying on the availability of food and water to survive. Human habitation offers plentiful options for nesting.

Sparrows – sometimes called the house or English sparrow, these birds are widely found throughout Australia. They are associated with the disease encephalitis, and are sources of property damage and poultry disease.

Starlings – commonly identified by their large flocks, starlings can cause significant damage to buildings. The noise they create is also a problem, and they are drawn to soft fruits and seeds. Starlings are a health hazed, and are linked to histoplasmosis and the spread of parasites.

Seagulls – While seagulls generally opt to eat fish or small seafood, they are well-known scavengers, and are drawn to food scraps and waste.

Simple measures for deterrence

Simple measures, such as limiting access to food scraps, waste and water, can all help alleviate the problems posed. For more intensive issues with bird control, it might be worth examining more specific bird proofing options, like wire mesh or netting.